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Our Services

Our Services

Worldclass Transportation Service

At InterAmerican Cargo we offer a full cargo transportation service designed to offer you solution to all your transportation and logistics needs from origin to destination. We have worldwide service.

  • Trucking: Full and partial truck loads, drayage, and local pick ups
  • Air Freight: Regular, priority, Hazmat, Bonded cargo
  • Consolidated Maritime cargo (LCL)
  • Full Container Loads (FCL)
  • Customs brokerage

Land Freight

Transport Service

Land Freight Transportation

Our Land Freight Transportation service is created to give you complete coverage to your logistics needs in this area.

Interamerican Cargo has the infrastructure, equipment and suitable personnel to transport dry cargo from Mexico to Panama. Our fleet is composed of 48´ft truck, trailers and dry vans that are 4, 8 and 10 tons capacity.

Our qualify service, assistance and logistics coordination has allowed us to serve companies dedicated to import and export in the region for more than 17 years.

Additionally, we have developed a tracking platform which allows you to see in real time the location of your cargo or merchandise. This function can be requested online at any time.


Transport Service

Ocean Freight

At InterAmerican Cargo we focus in investigating the logistics needs of our clients in order to provide efficient and effective solutions by offering the ideal equipment for shipping their merchandise either as loose cargo (LCL) or in full containers (FCL) from and to the whole world, with our own operations from United States and Panama.

Consolidated cargo (LCL): We have weekly sailing from different origins around the world so you can consolidate your cargo from different suppliers at the same time.

Full containers (FCL): We coordinate the spotting of any size and type of containers directly from your supplier’s warehouse or we can offer storage and loading services from any of our partner’s facilities around the world.

Our traffic department will find the equipment that fits the best your needs. We use a wide range of equipment, such as: 20, 40 and 45 foot dry or refrigerated closed containers, platforms, low boys, open top containers and others.


Ocean Freight

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Servicios de Transporte

Customs Brokerage

At Interamerican Cargo we are your partner during the entire process of shipping your cargo. That is why our customs clearance service includes:

– Declaration of Merchandise (DUCA) for import and export services.

– Estimation of taxes and customs clearance of merchandise, among others

We have the ideal and trained staff in each job position to take care of the attention, details and all the logistical work that your customs procedures require.

Transport Service

Air Freight

We understand that for our clients, the term “air” is synonymous of “urgent”, so we pay special attention and effort to deliver their cargo in the shortest possible time.

We provide import and export services for cargo, from and to the whole world, with our own operations from the United States and Panama.

The quality that characterizes Interamerican Cargo, as a logistics company, allows us to offer our clients services such as: cargo insurance, door-to-door service, customs clearance, priority service, among others.


Air Freight


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Thousands of projects have made us leaders in the transportation area. We stand behind our promise to provide quality and timely service.

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