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About Us

InterAmerican Cargo

International Freight Transport

InterAmerican Cargo was born with the goal of bring solutions for all the logistics needs of companies in the Central American market. Our culture and operating procedures pursues the objective of exceeding the expectations of our clients through the attention and personalized service we provide to them.

To achieve this, we believe in three fundamental principles:

1. Advanced Technology

In order to have the most advanced technology, we constantly invest in the development of information systems in order to keep our clients informed in real time of their cargo status: location, customs processes follow up, among others.

2. The ideal staff in each area

We select the best candidate for each position within the organization, based on their skills, attitudes and aptitudes. A series of evaluations – depending on the area of ​​work – allows us to find the ideal candidates to work with InterAmerican Cargo team and provide the best service to our clients.

3. Adecuate and constant training in each area

Having the right person for each role in the organization is the first step, but adequate preparation and constant training allow them to develop optimal performance in their work. We also have established process for each of the work areas, which help us to constantly improve and take care of the quality of our service.

InterAmerican Cargo covers air and ocean routes to and from all over the world, and we also provide inland service from Mexico to Panama. More than being a logistics company, InterAmerican Cargo is characterized by offering to their clients the best solutions, thereby generating enduring and meaningful partnership of mutu


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Thousands of projects have made us leaders in the transportation area. We stand behind our promise to provide quality and timely service.

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